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Kazaan – Luton

Southcourt customer service is the best I have ever experienced. …helped me out a lot since I have started my business. I am where I am now thanks to Southcourt. Even till this day if I need help, they always finds a solution to everything.

Diarmuid –

After embarking upon research in to opening an estate agency to complement our legal practice, I had the good fortune to discover Southcourt Property. Not only was I to obtain excellent advice on setting up an Agency but also ……. I would recommend Southcourt to anyone wishing to open an agency. Also their training is a bible to be relied on and proved really educational for me as a beginner

We have been with Southcourt from when our business started. They have not only a very good service but more of a, as we see it, a valuable partner.  Their products are good value for money and advice is also money saving in this competitive market.


Pointing me to the right direction step by step. Advice given is clear and concise.
I only bought the business package about 5 weeks ago, so I am still in the process of setting everything up, when clarification was needed I spoke to Southcourt, who I found very helpful and professional. It means a lot for someone like me as a new starter. Thank you.

Sat Gill –

A big thank you to all the staff at southcourt I have been dealing with steve for a number of years, we were recommend to use southcourt by a friend of mine, they designed a great website for us in 2012 and we then upgraded to another website a few years ago.


Fantastic service. They help with everything. Always in contact to make sure each process is running smoothly. Would highly recommend using southcourt to start your on business. No major overheads but all the knowledge and systems needed to run a successful estate agents

Elena Maher

You gave to me wonderful chance to start my business in easy way! Your service definitely appeals to the average person because the layout is so simple but very very effective. So, you feel as if you are in good hands and know that you will be able to find anything you need on your services. 

Lena (Elena) Potapova

I’d like to thank you for all of The Projects Southcourt property team! The great job and quick and understanding service!  I’m happy with the website and the deal I got from the company. I wanted a good, easy to use website and one that I have ticked all the boxes.  Speaking with the service team helped me get exactly what I was looking for.


Southcourt Property provided my company with an excellent website and help my company gain more business with their professional design.

Damian Hicklin 

We are always happy to share feedback when receiving a service, whether it is good, indifferent or constructive – thankfully and appreciatively on this occasion it is VERY GOOD.

Our new website was remarkably easy to order – the communication was timely and very straight forward. We now have a much more contemporary looking website with a back-end CMS that makes it incredibly easy to adjust and change the content.

Thank you Southcourt – as discussed this is only v.2.0 and we have ideas for v.3.0 that we know we will need, and have discussed with you and won’t hesitate to come back and talk through with you in more detail.

Jay Coleman –

I speak with conviction when I say had it not been for Southcourt and it’s letting package then I would never have built my business to the level it is now.  I think the whole package is so well tested and now tried by myself, even after 12 years , we still have an excellet relationship with the team and Mike and they have just completed our stunning new website.

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