Integrate your favourite software​

Or use our own built in property software​​

Many of our clients already use their preferred integrated letting agent software or estate agent software from companies like 10ninety, Dezrez, Alto, Expert Agent, Jupix and others.

So we’ve developed advanced data transfer protocols within our estate agent software that allow you to continue using the software you already know, but easily synchronise your existing properties with your new estate agent website.

This saves alot of time, so you don’t have to use two separate systems (one for website and another for software). 

It allows you to continue using your chosen software provider. Your property portal uploads to Rightmove, Zoopla and any other portals remain the same, and are simultaneously displayed in your website as required.

You can even change software provider and our technology will seamlessly adapt to your new software.

If you don’t already use a software provider, you can opt to use our excellent built-in software SouthcourtHub to manage your estate agent website, property portals uploads, and marketing.

Plus many more…

Complete Software Independence

Our websites are completely independent of your chosen software provider, but are integrated seamlessly with many existing providers.

We build stunning easy-to-edit websites that are designed to last well into the future, and are continually updated with the latest security protocols and web standards.