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We offer a full support service to new letting and estate agent start up clients.  As a new start-up agent you may contact us anytime on any issue or query arising from setting up and running your new estate agency or letting business.  See below for details of the support included and the Agent Support Hub.

Telephone and email support is free and unlimited for new agents, and is provided by knowledgeable and helpful staff.

24/7 Dedicated Agent Support Centre

Designed to assist new client customers in the setting up and running of their new business, we provide a dedicated Support Centre, accessible 24/7, where you will find everything you are likely to need all in one place (full details below)

Telephone/Email Support

This is an invaluable and much appreciated element of the Southcourt Business Package. It means that you will have access to professional advice and guidance in the important early days of running your business from qualified and experienced staff.

Timely Assistance

We always answer support queries via our Helpdesk within a maximum of one working day, usually much faster. Queries can range from process, marketing or documentation questions to advice on growth strategies, or website and software queries.

Agent Support Hub

Our agent support hub is accessible 24/7 and contains all the support you will need, along with a range of exclusive discounts and products only available to Southcourt clients.

Document Updates & Trade News

You're able to keep yourself and your business up to date with downloadable document updates, important industry news, trade & legal news sources. Pre-selected and checked for value and accuracy.

Agency Operation Knowledge Base

Continue to learn with our knowledge-base, which contains a wealth of useful and relevant information designed to provide depth of understanding on specific topics, legislation & processes.

Ancillary Trade Services

You can benefit from the preferential rates we have negotiated with major trade providers for ancillary services. Our industry-leading platform is an invaluable and powerful tool to help you grow your business.

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