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Agency Start-Ups

Over 1200 UK property businesses have trusted our rapid start up model since 1997 with great success. It is widely acknowledged across the UK property industry to be innovative, incredibly powerful and highly profitable.
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Estate Agent Websites

We offer a range of digital growth services and modern mobile friendly websites and software for property businesses that wish to succeed. With more than 1500 digital projects under our belt, we're sure we can help.
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Software Services

We support and operate one of the largest UK networks of independent property businesses in the UK. Our state-of-the-art software has syndicated more than 1.2 million properties for more than 1000 property agents.
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Give your Property Business the Edge

The UK property sector is growing at an unprecendented rate. This means that becoming a letting agent or an estate agent is highly attractive, very lucrative and can be achieved in a short space of time.

Our highly successful Business Start Up Package for letting and estate agents is widely regarded as the most complete in the UK. If you're looking to become a letting agent or an estate agent, you're in the right place!

Our letting agent and estate agent training is delivered via our Business Package at your own pace, and enables anyone to start a letting agency or start an estate agency from scratch with no experience.

Our estate agent website designs, digital infrastructure, cost-effective letting agent and estate agent software and highly effective digital marketing for the property sector consistently deliver results.

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New Post: "Take Control - Become a letting or estate agent"
2 Dec 2019 12:16pm

One business that can deliver exceptionally high returns on your start-up investment is a letting or estate agency. When you become a letting agent or an estate agent, with this business, your risk is insignificant compared to your return. This is particularly the case when you take our Letting Agent Training within the Southcourt Business Package.

A letting agency as well as an estate agency is a low cost business to start, requiring minimal initial outlay. It is also a very straightforward business to run, can be operated from home either full-time or part-time, and no particular qualifications are needed!


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