About Southcourt Property

Established 1989

First set up as property management agents in London in 1989, we acquired significant hands on experience in growing a new property business.

Training Since 1993

Started providing premium property training, and developed our totally unique Business Start up Package which became a nationwide success.

Incorporated 2012

By now we were providing a diverse range of services across the property industry, on our accountant's advice we consolidated.


We are the UK’s leading independent property start up services provider.  Providing effective and actionable start up training courses, modern digital services and the widest UK network of clients. 

Southcourt Property Services Ltd provides a range of property related services for the property sector.  Our clients include entrepreneurs, solicitors, private landlords, investors, corporates and local authorities. 

Our services include property training products, residential long term and short term lets, property management, estate agent websites, property portal feeds, estate agent software, secure business-class hosting and email, syndicated advertising, and relocation services, as well as a property investment consultancy service. 

Our team is made up of experts in didactics, trained negotiators, ex estate and letting agents, property investment specialists and experienced and highly qualified digital engineers.

Our Timeline

2021 and beyond
As the UK leader in estate agent training and start ups, and with a wealth of experience behind us and the property market on course for steady growth, we have several ambitious and innovative plans for 2021. If you want to be at the forefront of the explosion of the new proptech era, you’re in the right place. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

We’ve created and continue to support more than 3500 agencies, with some of these businesses growing to multi-million £ turnovers, while others deliberately remain at an appropriate size for the business owners’ aspirations. Consequently we feel that we’ve made a significant and valuable contribution to the UK property industry. Many of our agency clients have taken advantage of the growing use of search engine optimisation and social media that we include in our training.

By now our business interests had become quite diverse, and we found ourselves involved with several offspins such as inventory services and short-term rentals. These were related to our property management services as well as letting agent training and estate agent training. For this reason, and on our business advice, we made the long overdue decision to reorganise and amalgamate our activities under a single banner, incorporating as a single business, Southcourt Property Services Ltd.

This was a significant milestone in our history as we were one of the first agencies to fully enter the estate agent digital marketing world and we developed a separate website for our massively successful Business Package under a separate domain lettings-opportunity.co.uk. This serves to provide permanent testament to our history, along with the original business domain southcourt.co.uk, which is currently reserved for future as we continue to expand.

We joined the growing trend for letting and estate agents to take advantage of the internet, and launched our first agency website. Fairly basic by today’s standards, but it did a great job at the time!

By this time we had considerable experience under our belt in helping hundreds of clients become a letting agent, or to become an estate agent as well as experience in running our own letting and estate agency. We had already identified an opportunity to offer our combined experience on a wider level, and at the same time fill a gap in the market for highly effective agency training. For this purpose we developed a totally unique “Business Package”.

Perceiving a growing demand for letting agents nationwide, we took the decision to create an estate agent franchise operation alongside our own agency business. However instead of pursuing this, following frequent requests from individuals on letting agent training courses, we embarked on a more informal, 1-2-1 training programme in our offices and alongside our day-to-day business activities. This became highly regarded, and grew rapidly.

Changed our name to ‘Southcourt Property Management’, experience having shown the ongoing property management side of the business to be the most lucrative. We developed, refined and innovated in growing our business to a significant level in the space of just three years.

Established and first set up as property management agents in South London known as ‘South-Lets’. The owner was already experienced in managing multiple investment properties. Following the creation of the ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy’ by The Housing Act 1988 the previous year, we considered the buy-to-let market was on the brink of massive growth. Subsequent events proved this decision to be spot-on.

In addition to our core activities, we are the market leading and most experienced provider of letting and estate agency start up packages in the UK, and have helped numerous individuals and companies to set up and establish successful new agency businesses.

As proof of the quality of our training packages, many of our letting and estate agent clients have gone on to win prestigious industry awards as their businesses have developed. Please see our reviews and testimonials page for more info.

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