About Us

Southcourt Property was founded in 1989 as a London based agency and has grown over the last 29 years to be a UK leader in state-of-the-art property services. 

As a busy and sizable London agency, we grew rapidly thanks to the methods and techniques that we invented, developed, extended and refined over many years while growing our own agency (many of which are laid out in our Business Package).  We took advantage of the boom in property investment in and around London during the 1990s.  We then became deeply involved in assisting other associated agencies to start up and grow and later sold our agency at the height of its success. 

With a wealth of experience behind us, we invested heavily in creating our unique property training, software and digital solutions.  These innovative products, fully up to date for 2018, have helped create more than 750 agencies – some of whom have won prestigious Sunday Times Agent of the Year awards

It’s because of our dedication to our clients, along with highly rated (“Excellent“) guidance, advice and services, that Southcourt clients achieve amazing things. 

There are many other companies offer training products as a sideline to their main letting or estate agency business.  The difference with Southcourt Property is that we’re not distracted by running our own agency. 

This means that you benefit as we’re 100% dedicated to your success.  This focussed approach is what makes us No 1 in the UK for Lettings and Estate Agency Start Ups. 

Our Clients

If you decide to become a client, you’ll very likely be highly successful.  Time has proven again and again that our clients agree – and you can read what some have to say about us in our verified reviews and testimonials. 

They include include property investors, cleaners, gas engineers, mortgage brokers, corporates, local authorities, private landlords, entrepreneurs, ex-forces personnel, letting agents, estate agents, solicitors, accountants and shop workers, factory workers – amongst many others. 

Our Team

Our team has grown over the years and is now made up of experienced agents, landlords, engineers, trainers, digital marketers, web developers, and client support professionals who are all committed to helping with your success. 

Interested in joining us?