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What does running an estate or letting agency involve?

For Letting Agents (rentals), the agent’s role is to bring together the two parties – property owners (landlords), and people seeking somewhere to rent (tenants).

For Estate Agents (sales), your role is to gain new clients who wish to sell their property, carry out viewings if required, and then to progress the sale to a successful conclusion.

For rentals, in many cases the landlord requires only a ‘tenant find’ service, but these days more than half of all landlords engage the Letting Agent to let and then ‘manage’ the tenanted property. The property itself may be anything from a studio flat to a large country house. We take you through everything required to run your agency, from marketing to property management.

Qualities Required
The qualities required to run an agency are really just common sense, and basic people skills – being able to communicate comfortably, both on the telephone and in person.

Of course, a knowledge of the legal side is useful (we provide this in our training), as is a full understanding of how to run a letting or estate agency business in practical and operational terms – which we provide in detail.

These aspects are fully covered in our training and operating manual.

Here’s a summary of what’s involved for lettings or sales:

  • Marketing your services to local landlords and sellers
  • Taking property details and providing advice where necessary
  • Advertising the properties to attract buyers or tenant applicants
  • Listing requirements, assessing them, and matching to properties
  • Carrying out viewings of properties
  • Referencing tenant applicants and preparing the legal documentation
  • Preparing the sale documents and Memorandum of Sale
  • Receiving first rental and deposit, and finalising the paperwork.
  • Where you are ‘managing’ the property, you would also –
  • Check tenants in against the inventory
  • Receive ongoing rental payments and forward balances to landlords
  • Complete the exchange of contracts paperwork and onto completion
  • Deal with any maintenance or other issue that may arise (at landlord’s expense)
  • Carry out periodic inspections of the property
  • Check tenants out at the end of a tenancy

In our Complete Business Package we fully cover the processes in detail, plus the legal aspects, and take you through the entire procedures of running a letting and estate agency step-by-step. We also provide all the legal documents, administration forms and standard letters that you will need to run your agency business in an organised, efficient, and profitable manner.

If you have any queries or issues that you need help on, simply use our telephone or email Agent Support Helpdesk, and we will provide you with sound practical guidance and help based on our own extensive experience in the business.

We will support you all the way, and there is no commission, charges or costs for ongoing support of any sort!

Next Step
The faster you get moving, the faster you will develop your business.

For that reason we recommend that you get the ball rolling by ordering your business package today.

You can order from this website readydev.isodrive.uk or by phone on 020 3397 0070.

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