What are the start up costs?

OK, so you’ve completed your training with us, and you want to get started.  But how much do you have to spend, what about start up costs, advertising and other costs?

We developed the cost-effective Southcourt Lettings and Estate Agency Business Package to provide a much-needed alternative to the high letting agency start up costs associated with a franchise.

Once you have your Business Package and property website, assuming you are working from home or an existing office, you should be up and earning without spending much more at all.

In our Business Package we explain several very effective methods of locating and signing up local landlords and vendors without spending a penny on advertising, and finding tenants and buyers is even easier!

If you’re worried about competition, the more agencies you have around you the better – we show you how you can take advantage of this!

Our most effective methods are virtually cost-free, and we also include promotional material.

You will of course need a couple of essentials such as a computer and printer, a telephone, a digital camera, a clipboard or folio case, and a pack of white office paper.

Next Step
The faster you get moving, the faster you will develop your business.

For that reason we recommend that you get the ball rolling by ordering your business package today.

Any queries just reply to this email or phone us.

You can order from this website readydev.isodrive.uk or by phone on 020 3397 0070.

FREE Information Pack

Find out how to start and build your new agency within days

Information Pack

Learn how to start and build your new agency within days