The more you learn, the more you earn!

It’s well known that if you inform yourself and learn how to acquire customers in the most efficient way, you will be able to prosper and build a profitable business.

With our Business Package you get at least two businesses in one, along with other income sources:

(1) a letting agency (rentals) and
(2) an estate agency (sales)

The lettings and estate agency industry is not only booming now, but is predicted to expand considerably over the next few years.

When you start up you can choose to focus on either lettings or sales or both. If you follow our start up training and learn both, you’ll double your income.

Letting and Estate Agents services are in great demand, due to the growth in the amount of people renting, and the continual turnover of properties for sale.

Booming Sector
It is reported that nearly 65% of the homes in UK’s private rental sector are already managed by property letting agents, in an industry with an estimated worth of £15 billion and rising. Property sales are booming, with increasingly more estate agents required in an industry worth £billions.

If you learn how to gain new clients, you can earn very well indeed. The actual processes of actually running a letting or estate agency are not hard to learn, and we show you the necessary processes.

For the ambitious and self-motivated individual this represents a fantastic opportunity to build a highly lucrative business in the residential property sector as a Letting or Estate Agent.

Formal Research
Recently, Savills, the UK’s most respected property research organisation has recently published their latest view of housing market trends over the next 5 years. It reveals that house prices are likely to continue to rise for the next few years while there remains an undersupply of property for sale and for rent. More importantly, there is little sign that the housing shortfall will be met.

The consequence is a continuation of “Generation Rent” which has resulted in greater numbers of people renting long-term, resulting in a continued growth of the lettings and sales sectors. Indeed over the next 5 years Savills forecast a 2.1 million increase in the number of private rented households, and an increase in liquidity of property sales.

This can only reinforce the business case for new agents, and creates an excellent business opportunity.

We’ve seen it again and again over the last 25 years, the more you learn, the more you earn.

With our business packages, you’ll learn how to establish a new agency, gain new clients, then set up the processes to run the agency efficiently.

Implement the procedures and techniques we show you, and you can start building a great business that’s highly profitable.

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