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We at Southcourt Property Services are the UK market leader in cost-effective letting and estate agent training products. We have have achieved that status by consistently providing a product and service that delivers results and exceeds customer expectations.

27 Lettings Industry Award Wins 2011 – 2020

All winning Letting and Estate Agents are Southcourt clients, having started up with the Southcourt Business Package. This impressive record is far higher than any similar start-up or training package you may see advertised

Make the right choice

For these reasons, if you wish to benefit from the finest guidance and support available in your new venture, you should choose our Business Package. You will only have one chance to set up your new business, so it makes sense to do it right!

55 Years Industry Experience

First set up as Letting Agents in 1989, and now dedicated full to time to property training, our staff share a total of 55 years combined London-based (‘the Lettings Capital’) lettings and estate agency industry experience. As such we are the most experienced company in the UK offering Property Start Up Business Packages.

Learn from professionals

Southcourt Property Services is a long term member of The Property Ombudsman Scheme and a UK Registered Learning Provider, credentials which provide assurance that the training & support we provide is up to date & fully compliant with industry best practice.

27 Client Award Wins 2011-20

Our start-up clients share 27 prestigious lettings industry award wins – far more than any similar business package you may see; absolute proof that our business packages are the most successful products of their kind on the market.

Property Training Since 1997

As the most experienced training provider in the UK offering cost-effective business packages, we understand what new agents need. Our easy to understand systems have been designed to facilitate a seamless start and rapid build to you new agency.

Specialised 1-2-1 Support

Unlike some one-man businesses you may see offering similar opportunities, we operate an efficient support system providing access to a range of specialists, from technical, legal and procedural, plus our 24/7 support hub.

Leading Industry Suppliers

Benefit from working with leading suppliers for software, referencing, specialised insurance products and more. Offer your clients innovative products such as Smart Deposit, Rent Guarantee, and the new ‘Rent in Advance’ system.

Your Own Business 100%

We provide all the benefits you would expect from an expensive letting agency or estate agency franchise, but without the costs or tie-ins. Trade full or part-time under your own choice of name, and remain 100% in control of your business and its future.

Low Cost, Low Risk Opportunity

With your first deal covering the cost of our business package, you can be in profit at a very early stage. An unlike a franchise, all the profits are yours. With the continuing growth of the UK rental market this is a fantastic opportunity to secure your financial future!

This is your opportunity to follow our proven business formula and join the numerous happy and successful Letting Agents we have helped set up throughout the United Kingdom over the past several years.

Benefits of Setting Up a Letting or Estate Agency Business with Southcourt Property Services

Whether you plan to run your new business full-time, part-time, or alongside an existing concern, you will be making the wisest decision in choosing the Southcourt Business Package to help you to do so.

The combination of practical information, systems, contacts and support that we provide, all backed by our extensive industry experience, is available elsewhere only in the form of a franchise, which would not only involve high entry and commission costs, but also severely restrict your independence. Here are some benefits to consider –

  • Can be run part-time or full-time depending on your circumstances – unlike an expensive franchise, it's entirely up to you to decide how much time you wish to devote to the business – you're in complete control.
  • No special premises and no staff necessary – the business is ideally suited for one person to run from the comfort and convenience of their own home, thus avoiding the considerable overheads involved in leasing commercial premises.
  • Rapid start-up and immediate cash-flow
    – if you follow our advice you can be up and running in a couple of weeks, and unlike most other businesses, you do not suffer from cash-flow problems, because for lettings you retain your fees at source – we show you how.
  • No previous business experience or qualifications necessary
    – all the necessary know-how is included in our Training/Operating Manual, and all documentation is provided. Our Telephone Support Line ensures that experienced advice is just a phone call away if required.
  • Excellent earning potential
    – you can realistically build to an income in excess of several £1,000's a month within the first year.
  • Complete independence
    – unlike a franchisee, you'll trade under your own chosen name, and have complete control over your business. You retain 100% of your profits, regardless of how much you earn.
  • A well established and growing market
    – the rental market is growing year on year, with many factors having a positive effect on both supply and demand.
  • No selling involved
    – no need to be a salesperson, you're dealing only with people who need your service.
  • Reliable income even when you're on holiday or otherwise engaged
    – commissions from managed properties come in automatically every month, your income increasing with each property added.
  • A professional service with a respectable image
    – residential property management is now seen as a specialised and essential service within the property sector.
  • A valuable business to sell
    – if you decide to sell your business it should command a healthy price. The going rate is about 1.5 times annual turnover, i.e. an average 100 managed properties business should fetch around £150,000.

Whether you are seeking a new full time career opening which will provide a skill for life and financial independence for yourself and your family, or simply wish to supplement your present income, this business can deliver the results you seek.

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  • The British Property Awards 2020 - Multiple Clients This Year
  • The ESTAS Gold Award Tenants 2019
  • The ESTAS Silver Award Landlords 2019
  • Corporate Innovation and Excellence Awards 2019
  • Bark Certificate of Excellence 2019
  • The Negotiator Awards 2018
  • The British Property Awards 2018
  • SME Business Elite Awards 2018
  • Croydon Business Excellence Awards 2018
  • CEO Today United Kingdom Property Awards 2018
  • Best Woman in Business Awards 2018
  • Gold Award - Customer Experience 15/16/17/18
  • Northern Lettings Agency of the Year 2016
  • Northern Lettings Agency of the Year 2015
  • Letting Agency of the Year OUTRIGHT WINNER 2014
  • Northern Lettings Agency of the Year 2014
  • Property Management Lettings Agency of the Year 2013
  • Training & Management Lettings Agency of the Year 2013
  • Letting Agent of the Year East 2012
  • Letting Agent of the Year East Midlands 2011
  • Training & Development Lettings Agency of the Year 2016
  • Outstanding Contributions Lettings Agency 2015
  • Medium Lettings Agency of the Year 2014
  • Training & Development Lettings Agency of the Year 2014
  • Northern Lettings Agency of the Year 2013
  • Northern Lettings Agency of the Year 2012
  • Letting Agent of the Year Wales 2012
  • Investor in People Gold 2011

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