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If you’re thinking of starting a property business, you’re in the right place! 

It doesn’t matter if you have some experience in the industry, or are completely new, Southcourt Property provides everything you need to start your own agency. 

Our Business Start Up Package includes  the practical and legal know-how, step-by-step guidance, training, digital tools & trade contacts. 

With the benefit of our 24/7 expert in-house support service, you can get set up and grow your agency quickly and efficiently. 

We’ve already done all the work, so you don’t have to!  This saves you weeks of effort and thousands in costs. 

Our blueprint for success is based on our own London based estate agency. 

More than 2500 agencies have now started with us, and now you can benefit from their expertise and experience, many of whom are now NAEA accredited!

Take command of your financial future & be your own boss.

Here's how:

Everything required to set up your own estate agency​
Easy to follow, step-by-step operational training
Professional website and property software included​
Innovative digital learning platform, learn at your own pace​
Direct line 1-2-1 support with expert in-house team​
Learn from hundreds of NAEA qualified agents​
Learn From Experienced Experts
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The Southcourt "Complete" Package

A growing and vibrant industry

The property industry is growing now at a faster rate than ever before

The industry is predicted to expand considerably over the next few years, with more agents required to satisfy the huge demand.  It is reported that nearly 65% of the homes in UK’s private rental sector are already managed by property agents, in an industry with an estimated worth of £15 billion and rising.  For property sales, the UK is the leading country worldwide for new innovative hybrid estate agency strategies. 

The internet is a great equalizer, allowing independent agents to compete easily with larger more established agencies.  With the right training and online digital presence, it can be both easy and affordable to get started. 

Recently published government figures estimate a need for an extra 6 million homes in the next 10 years. This is due to factors such a rise in population, more skilled immigration, a rising divorce rate, greater life expectancy, more single parents, students leaving university, all increasing the demand for accommodation.

When you consider that in France 70% of housing is rented, and in Germany the figure is 55%, you can see that there is much room for growth in the UK, where we are more and more adopting European ways.

The supply of property will continue. Property ownership and investment is seen as a stable and profitable medium in our low interest rate climate, and new property owners and investors are joining the industry every day.

A Long Term Opportunity
Continuous UK Property Demand
For Sales - To Rent
An Opportunity with Security

Continuous supply of property, and continuous demand in the UK makes this a very low risk business.

Fast Growth Business Package

Within days you can start setting up your own business

Benefits of Starting Up with Southcourt Property

A fantastic opportunity to join the hundreds of successful and award winning agents (see awards) that have started their agency with the Southcourt Business Package. 

Key benefits:

Full or part-time, from home or office
Immediate start up and cash-flow
Telephone & email support
No experience or qualifications necessary
Trade under your own chosen name
A valuable business to sell
Award Winning Training
1-2-1 Expert Support

More Agencies Needed

Reports by The Housing Federation, and also The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) indicate that by 2030 over 50% of the population will be renting. The highly respected JRF report actively encourages the expansion of agencies to act as brokers between tenant, landlords and of course buyers and sellers.

Britain has a Passion for Property

A recent report entitled Rental Britain published jointly by Savills and Rightmove confirms that the trend towards Britons renting their homes continues. It states that the total value of our rental stock has risen by a massive 42% in the last 5 years, now topping £870 billion, with almost 1.5 million new rental households in the same period.

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