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These days many people are finding that running a business from home or a small office can be flexible, profitable and rewarding and Estate Agents are no exception. The vendor (the person selling) is usually met at the property they wish to sell, paperwork is handled by email and post, and payments can be received electronically if required. Your website is your shop window and marketing engine.

The Estate Agent's role

The estate agent’s role is to bring together the two parties – property sellers (vendors), and people seeking a property to buy (buyers). In most cases the vendor will instruct you to find a buyer. So you really just need to be fairly organised and have a sense of proportion as you’ll be using your people skills and and communication abilities frequently.

The qualities required

The qualities required to run an estate agency are similar to those required to run a lettings business. Good communication is essential, and an ability to join together the two parties (sellers and buyers) effectively. We cover a the full process of setting up an estate agency along with various negotiation techniques within our Business Package, along with how to comply with the principal legislation with minimum fuss.

The work involved

To gain additional further income once you’ve become an estate agent you may –

We cover the entire process

In our Estate Agency Training, which comes with the Business Package, we fully cover the legal aspects, and take you through the entire procedures of running an estate agency step-by-step.

We also provide all the processes and procedures, legal documents, administration forms and standard letters that you will need to run your letting or estate agency business in an organised, efficient, and profitable manner.

If you have any queries or issues that you need help on, simply use our telephone or email support service, and we will provide you with sound practical guidance and help based on our own extensive experience in the business.

Your success is our success. What goes around comes around. We want your estate agency business to thrive so that you will recommend us, and provide a nice testimonial for our collection!

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