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Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up an estate agency (sales) or a letting agency (rentals) maybe a new business area for you.

Below we have therefore listed the questions we are most frequently asked by those who are considering the option to become an estate agent or become a letting agent, together with our answers.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

We recommend that once you’ve become a client, you start to work through the training modules at your leisure, which might take a week or two depending on your time available.  During this time, you can submit your website requirements and we’ll be building your website.  Then, when you are ready, you can launch your Letting Agency or Estate Agency business with our ‘Boost-Start Action Plan’.  

Yes you can, and we we help agencies every week to do exactly this.  Our Business Start Up Package has been created based on the combined knowledge and expertise of thousands of estate agencies, and letting agents along with our own long established agency.   This gives our new clients the confidence that everything is up to date and suitable for the current property market. 

We provide premium step-by-step Letting Agent and Estate Agent Training Courses  and operational blueprint which is divided into more than 150 clearly laid out modules and sections, and takes you in detail, in practical and operational terms, through the full agency procedures. 

Specialised agency software can simplify the admin tasks and free up more time for other tasks, which is why we include it in our top packages.  However, if you’re happy with using spreadsheets for your first 50 properties or so, then it’s not required in setting up a new Letting Agency or indeed setting up an Estate Agency. 

With the Southcourt Business Package your business can be fully digital from the word go, because we include cloud based software as part of our packages. More here: Package Contents

Yes of course, and it includes marketing and management software, email and full support and maintenance!

Any serious business these days has its own website, especially a Letting or Estate Agency – it’s an important part of your marketing.

We currently offer a fantastic deal on modern fully mobile friendly property websites with integrated software to help you manage your properties.  We have designed a choice of clean, modern and easy to navigate designs in any colour theme you wish, free  domain name registration, plus free hosting, and email and backend software, and much more.

If you’re considering a WIX or alternative website provider, please check if they offer full, automatic, simultaneous uploads to Rightmove, Zoopla and all the major property portals, as this is one of the keys to your success.

See our website designs here.

See packages that include a website here.

No, there are no limits.  Our telephone and email support for new start-up agents is free and unlimited.  Simply contact us with anything you don’t understand or get stuck on, or for general advice from experts who have started countless agencies across the UK.

You effectively have full access to professional advice and guidance whilst studying, setting up and in the early days of running your business.

Although you will be independent, you will not be alone!

In the letting agency industry all fees are deducted at source, and you’re paid immediately.  There’s no need to send an invoice and wait for payment.   For rentals, tenants pay their fees before they move in, and you deduct landlords’ fees and commissions from rental before you pass it on to them – we show you how in our letting agent training.  Therefore for lettings, bad debts or cash-flow problems simply do not occur. 

For an estate agent, it’s arguably easier, because once an offer has been accepted on a property, there is very little for the agent to do.  Once exchange of contracts occurs, the estate agent is paid their fees (say 1.5% of the price) on the actual day of completion.  For an average UK house price, this would be around £4500.

Not at all, because our experience has shown that agents who start with us in an area among other agents will achieve greater success overall.  Our agents gain more properties due to the unprecedented demand for both rental and sales properties in the UK.

Existing agencies are a good sign, and indicate an active, healthy market.  This is an expanding business, so there’s always room for a well-informed newcomer.

We show you how to ‘tap into’ the existing market, and exploit advantages which you will have over other agencies. Remember that you need only a very small percentage of local trade to produce excellent results for yourself, and if you’re using our specialised products you’ll be able to offer products that other agencies don’t offer.

This is a truly recession-proof business and Letting Agents and Estate Agents are becoming busier than ever.  We’ve seen several recessions in the course of our business, and despite property values moving up and sometimes down, this has not significantly affected estate or letting agents. 

The UK property market is enjoying growing demand and supply.  Everyone has to live somewhere, so those who cannot or do not wish to obtain a mortgage, and others who have their homes repossessed, become renters.  Landlords and investors are always buying up properties to expand their portfolios. 

Equally, many owners who are finding it difficult to sell are deciding to become landlords and let out their properties instead. All of which means more business for Letting Agents, and the continual turnover of property sales generates healthy commissions for Estate Agents!

We developed the cost-effective Southcourt Business Package in order to provide a much-needed alternative to the high agency start up costs associated with a franchise.  When you’re setting up a letting or estate agent, once you have your Southcourt Business Package and property website, assuming you are working from home or an existing office, you should be up and earning without spending much more at all.

In our training courses we explain several very effective methods of locating and signing up local landlords and property sellers without spending a penny on advertising, and finding tenants and buyers is even easier.  Our most effective methods are virtually cost-free. 

We also include promotional material, alongside letters, templates, contracts, forms etc.  You will of course need a couple of essentials such as a computer and printer, a telephone, a digital camera, a clipboard, and a pack of white office paper. 

If you’re setting up as a letting agent, there is no need to undergo the Anti Money Laundering (AML) process with the UK Government unless you have individual rents that are 10,000 euros or more and the rental length is a month or longer.  This covers both residential and commercial property lettings, but you will of course need Client Money Protection and a client money bank account and be part of a redress scheme. 

For estate agents (sales), you will need to be part of a redress scheme, and also register with for AML, although the process is fairly straightforward.  Other costs might include a variable budget for marketing (although many methods we show you are free), and the usual things like travel expenses, computer, paper, pens etc.

The landlord is responsible for the expense of the upkeep of his/her property.

Where you are ‘managing’ the property, you would arrange for a local tradesman to carry out any repairs, and deduct the cost from the monthly rental you receive before passing it on to the landlord. We show you the full process within our training.

Many people are interested in starting a letting agency or becoming an estate agent, but are either unwilling or unable to commit to the high cost and ongoing commitments and tie-ins of a agency franchise.  We wrote an article about this here: estate agent franchise

There are others who simply wish to add an agency business to an existing concern, for whom an estate agent franchise would not be suitable. Our Business Package is also ideal for the independent minded property investor, someone who is already running a business which has a fair number of clients, or do-it-yourself (DIY) landlord.

It is for the benefit of all of these people that we have chosen to offer an affordable and highly effective alternative to a costly franchise.

If you have any other questions that are not answered above, or would like a chat about your plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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