Deposit Replacement Insurance

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A common problem that tenant applicants face is finding the deposit/bond for a property.  This can be because they are waiting for their previous deposit to be returned, or because they have to save up for one and have not yet managed to save up enough funds. 

In association with one of our legal partners, Southcourt Property are now one of the few UK providers able to offer an innovative product which provides an easy and affordable solution – it’s called Deposit Replacement Insurance.  The insurance is an alternative to paying a deposit.  It’s a far smaller amount, and it is paid for by the incoming tenant instead of paying a tenancy deposit. 

It’s a win-win solution because the insurance reduces the tenant’s move-in costs, whilst still providing protection for the landlord.  There are also benefits for the letting agent.

Benefits to the Agent

Benefits to the Landlord

Benefits to the Tenant

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