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The well-proven Southcourt Estate Agent Business Package is the best place to start if you’re looking at becoming an estate agent.  The Business Package is both low cost and easy to follow and has been carefully designed and developed based on our long experience in developing and building our own successful agency in the UK property capital of London. 

Our Business Package consists of a modern, up to date and detailed estate agent training course and business start up package with everything that’s required to learn how to start an estate agency with no experience or qualifications.  We’ve helped build over a huge number of successful agencies across the United Kingdom and Europe, and consequently it’s widely regarded as the go-to reference if you’re looking at becoming an estate agent. 

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We provide everything you need to learn how to start your own successful Estate Agent business, and take you from the basics of setting up the estate agency, detailed operational procedures, through to advanced negotiation, valuations and property sales, and growing the business, thereby maximising your income growth.

How to get started in becoming an estate agent

In our training, you will learn how to carry out a valuation based on comparable property sold prices in the area and road you wish to focus on. We show you how to perform these valuations, and use the many online property valuation tools available in various places.  Of course, you’ll need to take into account the vendors expectation of the value of the property (we show you the full process) and then agree a marketing price with the owner.

Marketing the property at a price that’s likely to attract interest and lead to a sale, rather than overpricing it, will make a huge difference as to whether you sell it quickly, i.e. in a few days or weeks, or not at all.

You don’t need to be 100% accurate with your valuations.  This is because firstly estate agents tend to differ in their valuation levels, and secondly there is no such thing as a precise valuation!  You can be guided by the house valuation processes.  Besides agents and vendors all have different ideas about the value of a property, but local knowledge is usually the deciding factor.

Sourcing the Information

The best way to acquire an overview of local property values is to search on a local property website for properties for sale in your area.  You’ll need to used our Research Materials which are included in the Estate Agent Business Package, enter the advertised prices along with the Sold Prices, following the instructions in the Business Package.

Then carry out a similar exercise with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom flats and houses. We suggest that you complete at least 3 separate sheets, so that you are comparing about 150 properties of each size, totalling them all onto the last sheet.

When you have completed the valuation research sheets, and used the spreadsheet to work out the average sales prices as we explain, you will arrive at at least 10 figures: the average sale prices of each size of property according to number of bedrooms, i.e studio flats through to 5 bedroom properties. These 10 (or so) figures really are the only ones you need to commit to memory while learning how to become an estate agent.  The reason for this is simple: by impressing your potential clients with your local property knowledge, you’re more likely to gain more estate agent instructions, and of course this is what really matters.

When the time comes to carry out a valuation of a property for a client, you can then use these numbers to work from, making small changes to them to account for the house itself, and the local area.   Other things such as how far away the bus routes are, how long it takes to walk to the train station, and location of primary and secondary schools will all influence the value that you place on the property. 

Although this research may seem time consuming for anyone wanting estate agent training, it is certainly a very important process in the preparation stage, and will make all the difference between making basic errors, and getting things right from the start in your first few weeks.

You can read more about rental valuations in our Estate Agent Training Course, which is included within our Business Start Up Package.

You can learn more about how to run an estate agency here.

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