Proactive vs Passive Marketing

With Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket, the concept of free advertising online of your property listings has come to disrupt the status quo.  This trend is evident not only in the UK property market but also globally in the USA, South Africa, India and the United Arab Emirates with newcomers such as Residential People, TheHouseShop, and OpenRent. With well over 15 million visitors per year it is no wonder these companies have come to disrupt the property industry. Using these online portals you can sometimes advertise your properties 100% FREE with zero outgoings for your agency. It is really a no brainer to use them and as numerous sellers and generation-rent individuals will testify, they are capable of generating valuable leads avoiding the cost of the main portals.

There is strong evidence that the use of Rightmove and Zoopla is simply lazy passive advertising that has been used as mainstream in the property market in the last ten years: set up your account then wait for the leads to come to you.

A Goldmine of Proactive Revenue Generating Techniques

At Southcourt we understand the energy and passion of independent entrepreneurs who want to start their own independent letting or estate agency at a fraction of the cost of an estate agent franchise model. Our Professional Letting and Estate Business Package gives you a goldmine of techniques for advertising and marketing properties may of which bypass the high-cost of passive advertising.

As opposed to paying and waiting, these methods would be under the umbrella of ‘pro-active’ advertising and we have years of experience in training letting and estate agents to implement them efficiently to produce leads and actual valuation conversions into sales and rental instructions.

Low Cost but High Potential – far better than any franchise

This is key to the initial steps of starting a letting and estate agency business with low start-up investment. We pride ourselves on the success of our clients over the last 30 years and more recently we have been pioneers in incorporating innovative modern streams of advertising at a fraction of the cost of the ‘mainstream’ portals. With established portals raising their fees and other pressures of the industry, at Southcourt we know what works and what doesn’t. We give you a full insight into the methods that work today with the bonus of zero or little outgoings for your new agency. Pro-active advertising is about using a delicious combination of established methods, technology and social media (and other more traditional techniques that will forever work!) to gain leads and further network your agency.

There is nothing wrong of course with uploading your property listings on property portals, but smart advice on how to use the industry free portals and social media streams will cut your initial costs and be equally or more successful depending on how well you implement the wealth of advertising techniques in our Platinum Business Package. Loading property details on to property portals is not only wasteful but just too passive of a strategy these days and it is often not enough to sell or rent a property in a competitive property market. To complete a fast and successful sale or property rental operation smart marketing is essential.

Social vs Mainsteam Media

A new local independent agent can carry out marketing for estate agents which is both proactive and creative in order to achieve high rates of success for their new business.  For example, the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can reach thousands of potential leads in an instant, and they can be targeted at your intended demographic. Expert knowledge on how to use these modern pro-active techniques are found in our selection of letting and estate agent training materials and combinations of Business Packages.

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