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Take control and become a letting agent or estate agent

One thing is certain - the UK property industry is booming!

Letting Agent Earnings

The world's greatest investor Warren Buffet was famous for his profound statements concerning investments, buying and selling products and companies. One of his truest quotes was "It's far better to buy a wonderful product at a fair price than a fair product at a wonderful price".

This is so true when considering how or where you should start a new business venture. There are several questions to ask yourself, such as:

  • What kind of business do I want?
  • How hard do I want to work?
  • How much should I invest?
  • What rate of return should I expect from my investment?
  • What level of risk do I find acceptable?

All these questions are perfectly valid and are exactly what you should be considering.

The question of risk versus return is a very topical one in this era of low interest rates. There are not many investments where you could invest £100 and expect to make ten times your original investment, are there?

Take a savings account, these days you might be lucky to get 1-2% return if you lock you money away, or with high yielding FTSE shares, you might be able to achieve 3% to 4% plus some dividends, but you're also subject to the rise and fall and associated risks of the financial markets.

'The question of risk versus return is a very topical one in this era of low interest rates...'

One business that can deliver exceptionally high returns on your start-up investment is a letting agency. With this business, your risk is insignificant compared to your return. This is particularly the case when you take our Letting Agent Training within the Southcourt Business Package.

A letting agency is a very low cost business to start, requiring minimal initial outlay. It is also a very straightforward business to run, can be operated from home either full-time or part-time, and no particular qualifications are needed!

As the UK's Number 1 provider of affordable letting and estate agent start-up solutions and training, and with the benefit of 55 years experience in the lettings industry, here at Southcourt Property Services we have helped hundreds of new lettings agents on the road to success and subsequently a satisfyingly high income.

The Southcourt Business Package really is a one-stop solution to setting up a letting agency, and includes everything you will need.

Our Letting Agency Training covers everything required in order to prepare and get started, and includes insider tips, marketing techniques, legal compliance information, procedural guidance, and much more. We also include all necessary forms, paperwork and contracts required, and also letting agency management and accounting software, and a professional property website.

Once you take on your first property, you can begin charging commission plus any additional fees for starting the tenancy, admin, inventories etc. Letting or estate agents who set up with our start-up package typically earn between £50K and £150K per year, depending on location and quantity of properties.

At the end of the day, it's your choice. But one thing is certain - with a letting or estate agency, you're in control!

Why not order your business package and get the ball rolling today? Remember, every day you delay could be a lost opportunity!

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