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"After researching the available start-up options I decided the Southcourt Package was by far the best choice due to their successful track record. When we started up it helped us massively, and is definitely part of our success."

Southcourt Lettings Opportunity

Award-Winning Letting Agency Start-Up Packages

...including property websites, software, and support

In addition to our core business, we have since 1997 been proactively providing quality letting agent training and letting agency start-up solutions for individuals who wish to set up a letting agency business and become a letting agent. We now market our start-up programme nationwide in the form of our specially developed Southcourt Letting Agency Business Package.

As a result of our high quality products and service, and the numerous recommendations from our letting agent start-up clients, we are the market leading and largest provider of letting agency start up business packages in the UK.

Looking to start your own letting agency business?

Then you're in touch with the right people. Whether you plan to start a letting agency and run it full-time, part-time, or alongside an existing concern, you may rest assured that you will be making a sound business decision in a) deciding to set up as a letting agent, and b) choosing the Southcourt Business Package to help you to do so.

The combination and depth of practical information, systems, contacts and support that we provide is available elsewhere only in the form of a franchise, which would not only involve high entry and commission costs, but also severely restrict your independence.

Letting agents have good reason to feel pleased with themselves, because the lettings industry is just about the fastest growing business in the UK. It is reported that nearly 68% of the homes in UK's private rental sector are already managed by letting agents, in an industry with an estimated worth of £10 billion and rising.

Savills the UK's most respected property research organisation has recently published their latest view of housing market trends over the next 5 years. It reveals that house prices are likely to continue to rise for the next few years while there remains an undersupply of property for sale. More importantly, there is little sign that the housing shortfall will be met despite the best efforts of the main political parties, thereby restricting people's ability to get on the housing ladder.

Everyone has to live somewhere, and the consequence is an increasing demand for rental property, with many renting long-term. In fact Savills has forecast and increase of more than 2 million private rented households, with a simultaneous fall of over 200,000 in the number of owner occupied properties. These trends create a sound basis on which to forecast an increasing demand for the services of letting agents throughout the UK.

If you have the ambition to develop your own lucrative letting agency business, please take a close look at our business start-up website www.lettings-opportunity.co.uk. When you are ready, we will be pleased to welcome you on board, and provide you with the most cost-effective start up programme in the business.

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