Is a licence required to run an estate agency?

Have you ever considered if you need a licence to run a Letting or Estate Agency?

In England, no licence is required to set up and practice as a letting and managing agent, or as an estate agent in property sales.  In our Business Package we show you the necessary steps in getting set up from scratch with very little outlay or investment.  You simply need to carry out the training that’s included within our Business Packages, and the set up and marketing steps to get the business underway.

You do need to be a member of a property redress scheme, but they’re easy to join and provide a useful source of advice and terms for your business. The cost is minimal.

Given the demand for rented accommodation, and the resulting demand for letting agents and the growth of the property sales area in the UK, the business case for new agents is very strong indeed.

We show you how to gain clients, and how to run the business efficiently and in the most cost effective way, with flexibility built in!

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The quantity and quality of our verified client reviews shows that Southcourt Property is the only credible choice if you wish to start a new agency. We’ve now helped over 3000 clients start and grow their own independent agencies.

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