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Next day UK delivery by DPD Courier is standard.  When you order you’ll receive a tracking SMS confirming delivery time.  You can reschedule delivery to a convenient time by SMS, via the DPD website or with the Apple or Android App. 

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Pricing FAQs

Are there any long term contracts?

No there are not.  If you use Professional or Platinum Packages these come with a Website (see our designs), unlimited 10 GB Email addresses and Software.  This is free for 3 months, then £12.50 +VAT per month.  There are no other fees, charges or costs to pay us at all.  Please note that the above monthly fees are only payable from when your website goes live, NOT from when you purchase the package. For example, you could purchase in March, and spend time preparing and reading the training, then ask us to set up the website in October - this is when your 3 free months would start, and payments thereafter.  There is no time limit for getting the website set up. 

I'm worried there are all sorts of "hidden costs" - is this true?

No of course not.  It seems some other companies have really done a number on you.

We've tried to make it really clear.  The only costs you'll have to pay us are those illustrated on our website.  These are:

(1) The initial cost of the package (Business, Professional or Platinum)

(2) Your hosting and software fees.  This is £12.50+VAT per month paid monthly after your initial free period.  There are discounts available if you pay upfront for a year.

We are the leading UK provider of start up solutions, and have so many positive reviews.  We've been in business for nearly 30 years!

Do I own the website and domain name, and can I move the website elsewhere?

Yes you are the legal owner of the website, and the domain name is registered in your name so you are the legal owner of the domain.  Unlike some other companies, you are not "renting" the website from us - you own the website.  You therefore free to take the website anywhere you choose, for example if you have your preferred hosting platform. 

I really like the idea of starting out, but I can't convince my partner - can you help?

Most definitely!  Just drop us a line or give us a call and our sales team will guide you. 

I'll be a one-man-band/one-woman-band - how will I manage to do everything by myself?

In summary - you'll be highly organised - and we show you how!  What's great about this business is that you can choose when to work, when to carry out viewings, and when to do the accounts, and when to spend time on other things.  With the methods, techniques and tools we provide, you'll find that work-life balance is straightforward.

At these prices, how can you afford to stay in business?

Believe it or not we are profitable and have not stopped growing for 28 years.  Yes this is our 28th year in business.  Having started and grown our own very successful London based agency, we know a thing or two about starting and growing new estate and letting agencies.  We run a comprehensive and efficient service, and offer a very highly regarded 5 star range of products.  Instead of shouting about our achievements, we invest profits back into our people, processes and systems, which might be why it took you so long to find us!

Am I dreaming? It just seems too good to be true so what's the catch?

Pinch yourself.  You're not dreaming.  As our Testimonials and Reviews illustrate, there is no catch.  After 6 months, you might be worrying more about what to do with your profits!

The truth is, that there are very few property business opportunities that offer such a proven start-up service, from an established company, where you can start from scratch with such a excellent solution.

Call us for an informal chat on 0203 397 0070

Do you have any reviews or testimonials?

Yes we have hundreds of satisfied customers, many of whom run large agencies now.  You can read all our reviews and testmonials here:  Testimonials

If you're so knowledgable about the property industry, why are you not running an agency?

Well, we do know a thing or two about becoming an estate agent or a letting agent, having started over 800 agencies now.  This is because we've started, developed, grown and then sold our own business - a thriving, profitable, innovative, multi-branch London agency (called Southcourt).  We then invested heavily in our systems, training and processes.  The result is the best of both worlds, highly experienced people, with a sole focus on one thing:  you.  We always advise that you steer well clear of estate agents who offer training as a sideline to their main agency business, since they will NOT be focused on your best interests. 

If you have any other questions, just ping us an email or give us a call – here’s how you can Contact Us