How to choose between a template website and a bespoke website

We’re often asked what’s the difference between a “template” website, and a “custom-made” bespoke website.

The short answer is that a template website is ready-made, therefore the weeks of work and thousands of pounds in design and production investment has already been done.  The price reflects that the same design is used over again, with colours etc customised for different agents.  To keep costs down, it’s a common approach to make it look unique to your agency with colours, styles and logos.

A bespoke website is one that is designed and custom built for a unique business objective or purpose – they’re 100% original, you own the copyright. take longer, several weeks usually, and cost much more because each one is unique to your business.  It can help launch your unique brand to the world, but does take longer to build.

Template or Theme Websites – these are templates that you can customise with your brand elements like logo, colours and certain images.   You can see clearly what you’re going to get, how your site will look, and how the look and feel will turn out before purchasing.

There’s less development required, and no technical knowledge is needed to edit, so they are excellent for new or small businesses.  If you need changes which are beyond the original template, these can be completed and priced individually for each request.  This keeps the cost as low as possible for the template.

In the property industry, templates that interface and synchronise with your Rightmove or Zoopla listings (or most other portals) are around £600-£900 depending on the number of pages and website features.  High converting top designs with more pages, features and integrations cost from around £1000 to £1500.

Unlike most estate agent website templates, Southcourt’s websites come with full software integration, which allows us to integrate your property feed from software providers directly into your website.  This means that everything is synchronised between property portals and your website.  It saves time, and avoids an embarrassing mismatch between what’s on Facebook, Rightmove or Zoopla and what’s on your website!

Tailor-Made and Bespoke Websites – these are made from the ground up, with the framework, structure and features to meet your business objectives and functions.  They are unique to your business, and enable you to “develop and grow” your brand identity.

Much more investment in terms of time and money is required, but a tailor-made website does mean that you have 100% of the design control over the website, and it will usually be 100% unique to you and your business.

It will engage customers in a way that a template website cannot.  For example, by targeting your audience to take an action that’s unique to your business.  The result of this is more enquiries, conversions and business for your specific business.   If you’re building your business around your own personal profile, this is the best option for you, as your website needs to be as unique as you are and reflect your own personal brand.

Southcourt Property build bespoke (tailor-made) websites to help clients reach their marketing objectives, and prices start from £2500 upwards.


Template/theme website features:

  • Ready made template design framework is customised to your branding
  • Cost effective starter option from a few hundred £.
  • Standard marketing conversion methods & techniques
  • With Southcourt, we include property software CRM integration (SouthcourtHub, ALTO, 10ninety, Jupix etc)
  • Optional marketing CRM integration (i.e. HubSpot & others)
  • Bespoke pages added and designed as required

Tailor-made/Bespoke website features:

  • Site design and objectives designed to be a unique fit to your and/or your business
  • Highly cost effective for a bespoke website, from £2500
  • Advanced audience conversion methods, integrations & techniques
  • With Southcourt, we include property software CRM integration (SouthcourtHub, ALTO, 10ninety, Jupix etc)
  • Included marketing CRM integration (i.e. HubSpot & others)
  • All additional pages, designs and features are included in the Project Proposal with no additional build costs.
  • The sky is the limit on expansion of your site to meet your growing business.

In summary, the choice of template or bespoke design depends on your business objectives, growth ambitions and your budget.  You are very likely to see a return on both types of website, but it’s a good idea to speak to an expert first.

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