How to boost start your new agency

The obvious advantage of setting up your new letting or estate agency with the Southcourt Business Package is that you will benefit from our considerable experience and that of our most successful agents who have contributed to the Business Package in it’s current edition.

We’ve been round the block, done all the legwork, and tried most of the modern and traditional marketing methods in the course of growing our own highly successful agency business.

We know what works and what doesn’t work, and therefore so will you – right from the start!

OK, so you’re ready to start trading, and all you need now is some customers!  The big question is, when starting an agency from scratch, how do you find them? Which comes first – landlords or tenants, vendors or purchasers? The answer will surprise you!

But getting this stage right will enable you to make a rapid and satisfying start, and quickly begin generating income.

This is where you will implement our Boost-Start Action Plan, included in our Business Package. The most effective methods of locating, contacting and signing up local landlords and sellers onto your books do not involve advertising at all, and are more or less cost-free!

Don’t be put off by large press ads placed by existing agents. These are completely wasteful and totally unnecessary these days, and are used to maintain brand-awareness. There are far more direct and immediate ways to drum-up new business when you’re just starting out.

Instead, we explain several highly effective ways to find, and sign up, local landlords and vendors. Provided you do as we recommend these methods should work wherever you are located. Once up and running you can if you wish continue to utilise the same cost-effective processes time and again to keep up a regular supply of landlord clients and steadily build your letting agency business, instead of your advertising bills!

But this is only part of the answer. You will also need one or more USPs (unique selling points) in order to stand out from the competition by offering something different, and better, than other agents in your area.

We explain several ways you can achieve this.

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The quantity and quality of our verified client reviews shows that Southcourt Property is the only credible choice if you wish to start a new agency. We’ve now helped over 3000 clients start and grow their own independent agencies.

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