How flexible is this property business?

You may be wondering, can I start a successful Letting or Estate Agency from home, as a home-based or Online Letting or Estate Agency? Can I do this part time?  Is is flexible enough to fit around my lifestyle?

We’ve created more than 3000 estate and letting agents, mainly independent, and usually owner-run. Many of these agencies have families, young children, or other commitments that mean they can’t dedicate 40 hours per week to a new business.

Flexibility isn’t a problem!

You can enjoy all the benefits of working from home including minimal overheads, flexibility and convenience when you run a letting or estate agency.

We have many clients who operate this way these days. Your website will be your shop window, and we provide a choice of professional and modern websites which will give you the right image from the word go.

You meet landlords, tenants, vendors and purchasers at the properties concerned, so you’ll never need to invite callers to your home.

Documents can be delivered personally or by mail or online signing. You could if you wish start an online letting or estate agency and cover a wider area. You can use services such as “Signable” to sign documents electronically. You can even get someone else to do the viewings for you! The possibilities are endless…

Starting an agency creates an opportunity not to be missed, and allow freedom and flexibility. With more than 3000 agents starting with Southcourt, we have the proof!

Our Credibility

The quantity and quality of our verified client reviews shows that Southcourt Property is the only credible choice if you wish to start a new agency.

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