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Totally Secure

All our websites are protected and encrypted using SSL and TLS security at no extra cost. This ensures that communication and transmission of all data, including personal data is encrypted as required in the GDPR regulations.

In addition, Google has announced that if you have an SSL Certificate on your website, you will receive a search ranking boost for SEO purposes. For this reason all our websites are protected and encrypted using SSL and TLS security – free of charge.

This helps ensure that you’re GDPR compliant, personal information submitted on your site is encrypted, and that you receive the maximum possible SEO boost for your website.

Protection and Security

Fully Protected

In addition to the website encryption, your website is protected with 2 factor authentication (2FA) via the login system for editing. This means that even if someone knows your website password, they can’t login without access to your phone or other security device.

This is a significant enhancement over other website providers, and provides total protection for your content, design and information.

We build state-of-the-art estate agent websites, that are easily editable, modern and looked after by our expert team of technologists.

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