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What is Property Cloud Pro?

Property Cloud Pro allows you manage your whole agency. 

Specifically you can list & advertise your properties, manage clients, match applicants to suitable propertie, store and track appraisals and manage the progress of offers and sales. 

If you already use another software provider, our software can import and display your properties. 

The result?  Seamless & reliable agency operation.  Allowing you to focus on running and growing your agency, selling and renting properties. 

See below for some of the great features which are usually provided only by expensive alternatives. 

Clear, Simple & Fast

Our clear tabbed property CRM records makes it easy for anyone to manage their properties efficiently regardless of experience. 

Efficient, Automated Imports

Our software can import from all of the leading property software providers, seamlessly and automatically

Reliable Property Exports

Real-Time and regular property portal feeds to Rightmove, Zoopla and others, it feeds to anywhere you have an account, including all major property portals automatically. 

Key Estate Agency CRM Features

Manage your contacts, sellers, landlords, properties, viewings and more – absolutely crucial to the running of any estate agency.

Manage your properties (sales and lettings)

Real-time feed to your website

Export properties through to Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket + more

Import properties from all major CRM software providers (if required)

Manage applicants, vendors, landlords and 3rd party contacts

Match suitable properties to applicants

Record and document market appraisals

Book and manage property viewings

View upcoming events and track tasks

Record offers, viewings and manage sales process

Auto-generate key documents within your agency

Product Feature


Record your applicants (tenants and buyers) along with their contact details and requirements.
They can register themselves through a registration form on the website, or you can add them within the software.  Then match them to suitable properties and send them property alerts. 

Manage & register your applicants

Your applicants will be stored in their own designated area allowing you to view and edit their details and can register themselves through the frontend of your website.  

Record Their Requirements

You’ll also be able to enter each applicants requirements yourself, including information such as price, bedrooms, preferred locations and property types.

Find Matching Properties

Once applicants have been qualified and their requirements taken, you’ll be able to quickly view properties that are suitable for them. 

Email Suitable Properties To Applicants

Once you’ve chosen properties the applicant might be interested in, you can then email these out through the software. 

Product Features

Owners and Vendors

Record and track owners details against each property, & their contacts details.   Can be assigned to multiple properties, along with providing customer relationship management (CRM) with buyers, tenants and other contacts within the software. 

Record The Vendor Or Landlord Of Each Property

When creating, adding or editing a property, you’ll have the ability to enter the contact details of the vendor or landlord including name, address and contact details.  Quickly search for existing contacts, or enter a new one whilst entering the property details.

View All Of Your Vendors And Landlords

You can view and search all of the contacts entered in one place, accessible from the navigation menu.

The Contact Record

Each vendor and landlord will have their own record where their details can be viewed and edited. The software has been built in such a way that each contact can be assigned to multiple properties.  Under the ‘Relationships’ tab of the contact record you can see all of this contact’s properties.

Product Features

Third Party Contacts

Manage your third party contacts that you deal with on a regular basis, like solicitors, inventory clerks, heating engineers and tradesmen, all within the software   They can be managed and searched for in their own designated area within the software.  

Store their name, address and any further contact details as needed.  This feature works well in conjunction with our Property Board Management module on by allowing you to store which board contractor is responsible for which properties boards for example.   All of this is fully data protection and GDPR compliant. 

Product Features

Tasks & Appointments

Keep on top of your tasks, to-do lists and appointments, assign to property or a contact. Your to-do list is important and needs to be as visible as possible. Therefore these are presented on your dashboard showing open tasks assigned to you.

Calendar & Task Management

See what’s going on across your agency with viewing, appraisals, tasks and general appointments shown in a diary-view, organised by day, week, month or year. 

At a glance you can see the start times, duration, details of the event and who is attending.  Our Calendar module you a visual representation of your day and display all of the appraisals, viewings, tasks and appointments you, and other staff members, have coming up. 

Product Features

Property Enquiries

When an enquiry is made via your website, it is recorded in the software.  You can then follow up the enquiry with a viewing, or valuation, and also add them manually when someone calls. 

From here you can assign the enquiry to a staff member, follow it up, track it’s status and of course allocate it to the property in question. 

Manage property enquiries

Enquiries made on properties from potential buyers and renters via your website will not only be sent to you via email, but will also be stored in your CRM. 

You’ll be able to see which property the enquiry was relating to, view details of the enquirer, and assign it to a specific negotiator to deal with.

View Enquiries For A Particular Property

When you go into a property record you’ll have access to an ‘Enquiries’ tab which will display all of the enquiries ever made about the property in question.  This also makes it quick and easy to feedback to owners and landlords how much interest their property has received since it’s been on the market, a valuable customer-relationship tool!

Product Features

Property Valuations & Appraisals

Here you can manage any upcoming appraisals and track the progress once it’s been carried out.  If you win the instruction you can quickly convert the appraisal to a property record for displaying on your website.

Record And Store Appraisal Details

Record and organise important information such as date and time of the appraisal, owner name and contact details, details of the property and which of your negotiators are going to the appointment.

Confirmation Of Appraisal Appointment

Ensure everyone involved in the appraisal has confirmed the date and time, and who’s going to be there and for how long.

Track Outcome

Record whether the appraisal was won or lost, and if won, follow it through to instruction and place it on your website instantly.

Product Features

Viewings & Property Tours

Record viewing details, the applicant and the property. Send email confirmations then track it as it progresses including recording feedback and convert it to an offer. 

Book Viewings In Seconds

Tracking your viewings is important.  Viewings can be entered from the property, the applicant, or the ‘Viewings’ section of the software.  We’ve put our focus on making it quick and easy to record new viewings meaning you can enter them in just seconds (our record is 3 seconds!). 

Track The Viewing Status

Once a viewing has been entered, it’s easy to record its status as it progresses. Log when it has been carried out, record the applicant’s feedback, mark whether the feedback has been passed onto the owner, and even book a second viewing or record an offer off the back of it. All status changes are logged in the viewings history so you can see exactly what happened, when and by who.

Lists Of What Needs To Be Chased

From your dashboard you’ll have the ability to see at a glance which property viewings need to be chased for feedback.

Send Viewing Confirmation Emails

Once a viewing has been entered you can send confirmation emails to the applicant and owner of the property.  The contents of these emails can be customised and we’ll show you if they’ve already been sent, and when.

Viewings Displayed Where You’d Expect Them

You can access the full list of viewings from the ‘Viewings’ area of the software, however you can also see a list of viewings relating to individual properties and applicants by going into the individual records.  From here you’ll have a ‘Viewings’ tab where you can see a full list of upcoming and past viewings relating to the property or applicant in question.

Product Features

Auto-Send Properties To Major Portals

Send your properties automatically and in real-time to lots of third party property portals including Zoopla, Rightmove, and On the Market.  

Anywhere you have an account is covered, including all major property portals. 

Product Features

Manage Offers and Sales

Offers – Manage your offers by entering the offer details and the property and applicant in question. Update it’s status once accepted or declined and convert to a sale when successful. 

Sales – Sales can be easily managed by  recording the sale details, along with the property, owner and applicant involved.   This enables you to complete your audit checks and processes. 

Product Features

Property Management and Tenancies

Stay organised and efficient by managing your properties, tenancies, documents and key dates, all of which is linked to your landlord, tenants and properties.

Manage Tenancies

Manage your previous, current and upcoming tenancies from within the software.  A “Tenancies” menu item allows you access and filter your tenancies accordingly. 

Record Key Tenancy Information

Our clean, easy to use, tenancy record allows quick navigation and gives you the ability to record key tenancy information such as details of the lease, dates, rent and more.

Dates are important!

One of the main aspects of managing properties and tenancies is keeping on top of key dates, such as inspections and safety certificate expirations. Using our software you can record a customisable set of key dates where we’ll then make it quick and easy to see what you have upcoming.  This is achieved through a dashboard overview, as well as a dedicated ‘Management’ section where you can manage all of your key dates in one place.

Generate Tenancy Documents

Our documents module supports a whole host of tenancy related tags allowing you to generate tenancy based documents by dynamically merging information such as dates, tenant names and more.

Product Features

Property Maintenance

Manage and track property maintenance jobs, the full job details, track the status (pending, in progress, completed etc), the contractor, quotes and costs and more. Add time stamped notes and records to the job, and allow landlords to view maintenance jobs that are occurring on their properties.

All your maintenance jobs in one place

On each property record you’ll have access to a new tab allowing you to see all maintenance jobs relating to that particular property.

Record The Job Details

You can record the property that the maintenance job is relating to, details such as dates and costs, as well as the contractor responsible for carrying out any work.

View Status Changes and Add Notes

As the maintenance job progresses you can update its status. All status changes are logged so you look back at any job and see exactly when it updated and who did it. You can also record your own additional notes which will appear in the same activity stream.

Product Features

Analytics and Reports

We have a range of reports available offering you a top-level view of your property stock, activities and transactions.  You can use the reports to keep on top of your properties, and track them from listing to sale or rental. 

Property Stock Analysis

Keep a track of your property stock by using metrics such as: property type, bedrooms, and price, for an overview of all the properties you have listed, split into averages and totals.

Sales Property Popularity

With this feature, you can view property popularity on your website. With a column for most popular and least popular, it will tell you how many views each property has. If you are using the Rightmove real time data feed, the popularity feature will also pull data from Rightmove, allowing you to see the most and least popular properties from there.

Incomplete Properties

Reports allows you to see which properties on your website need extra sales information added such as EPC charts or brochures for example. This ensures all your properties have complete information ready for potential buyers.

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